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25 Halloween-Inspired Self-Care Ideas

25 Halloween-Inspired Self-Care Ideas

Halloween is usually a time to get together with friends, be creative with decorations and costumes, and indulge in some simple pleasures like eating too much candy.  This year, things look a little different, but that doesn't mean you can't take the time to practice some self-care, Halloween style. There is never a bad time to check-in on yourself, take a step back to recenter and refocus, reconnect with loved ones or just let loose and have fun!

Here are 25 Halloween-inspired self-care ideas to get you started and inspire you to take some time for you.

  1. Watch your favorite thriller or horror movie
  2. Burn your favorite Halloween-scented candle
  3. Take a bubble bath with a Halloween-themed bath bomb
  4. Donate your gently-used Halloween costumes to your local thrift store
  5. Carve a pumpkin, mindfully. Here are some tips to be mindful when carving a pumpkin!
  6. Enjoy some hot chocolate or tea in your favorite Halloween mug
  7. Grab some halloween cookie cutters and bake up a dozen sugar cookies–don't forget to decorate!
  8. Bring on the comfort with your coziest blanket or throw
  9. Keep your toes warm with cozy Halloween socks
  10. Create a soothing space by diffusing essential oils. Here are 12 Essential Oils for a Spookier Halloween
  11. Find 3 recipes you’ve never made before and cook or bake them (bonus: include pumpkin!) 
  12. Work out Halloween Style. Check out these Halloween-inspired exercises!
  13. Cook and enjoy your favorite comfort food (bonus: add some orange veggies to it!)
  14. Do some Halloween yoga. Here’s a Halloween Yoga Playlist!
  15. Read a book that inspires you and puts you in a positive mood
  16. Spend the night handing out candy to trick-or-treaters
  17. Make homemade caramel apples with your friends/family.
  18. Get out in your neighborhood and admire all the Halloween decorating
  19. Read a spooky book
  20. Write a spooky story using a Halloween prompt. Check out these Haunted Halloween Writing Prompts.
  21. Journal about your favorite Halloween memories
  22. Write about 3 things you are grateful for this Halloween
  23. Eat something you love without feeling any guilt
  24. Have a Halloween- or Fall-Themed photoshoot outdoors with friends/family
  25. Donate to your local food bank. Find out what items your local food bank needs the most of and ask your guests to bring an item with them when attending your Halloween party

Have a Happy Halloween!