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How to Update the Fall Jackets in Your Closet

How to Update the Fall Jackets in Your Closet

There are plenty of ways to update an old jacket. Whether you need to breathe new life into a timeless blazer or customize a secondhand piece to fit your style, there are many different methods you can explore. Here are a few ways to get creative with your fall jackets.

1. Patches
When it comes to easy ways to update an old jacket, the patches trend never seems to fade. With extensive varieties of embroidered, iron-on decals or different fabrics available, you can create that DIY-inspired look.

2. Paint or Dye
Feeling artistic? Grab some fabric paint and get creative with different patterns, flourishes or stencils to make a one-of-a-kind statement piece. 

3. Alter
Take a scissor to a long coat transforming it into a cropped summer jacket. Another simple way to completely change the purpose of a jacket is to remove the sleeves, making it into a vest. But, If you're looking to be a bit more creative, try making geometric cutouts on the back or slits in the sleeves. 

4. Collars, Cuffs and Sleeves
Adding a faux fur collar or stole is the perfect way to instantly update your style and make a statement. If there isn't a collar, try adding fringe or lace to your sleeves and cuffs to easily update your look. 

5. Studs
Studs continue to be a popular DIY choice to add a unique flare to any item. Add a few studs to your collar, sleeves, pockets or the back to make any jacket feel a little edgier.