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Why I Built This: MenoMieux

Why I Built This: MenoMieux

As an individual, I have become more aware of my impact over the past couple of years.  The impact of my actions, my words, my behavior, my choices and the fact that they do matter.  There are areas of my life where I am working to increase my impact.  My impact through actions fighting for the causes I’m passionate about.  My impact in the lives of those I love.  My impact on the communities in which I live.  As I work to increase my positive impact and contribution, I am acutely aware that it is my responsibility to reduce my impact on the environment.  

I began with a few steps that felt easiest to me; switching to reusable bags at the grocery store, eliminating single-use plastic from my daily habits, and purchasing fair trade items.  I switched to plant-based products around the home and have just completed transitioning my skincare and makeup routine to be 100% natural (and as plastic-free as possible).  I knew a major stride forward, based on my lifestyle, would be transitioning to a more sustainable closet.  Though I stopped shopping fast fashion years ago, I was guilty of not knowing where my clothes were made or the supply-chain processes of the brands that I was shopping.

As I started on the daunting mission of transitioning my closet to be more sustainable, I found it difficult to shop and it was more work than fun.  I found myself second-guessing if the brands I was purchasing from were truly sustainable and ethical once I noticed a couple early purchases from brands that were greenwashing.  It was no longer the same leisurely shopping experience that I typically enjoyed.  With the fragmented sustainable market, I couldn’t follow my typical pattern of browsing one or two retailers from pre-season for inspiration and trends through to the point of purchase.

The vision for MenoMieux is to create a platform that enables women to shop sustainable brands we trust.  We are building our site to be trustworthy, inspiring, and educational.  Our community pillars are the foundation for this: producing responsibly, extending wear, and building longevity.  With these pillars at our core, MenoMieux provides the elevated and enjoyable shopping experience that you find on a traditional retailer, but with more a gratifying outcome.  In 3-5 years, I dream of MenoMieux not being a sustainable shopping platform, but simply a shopping platform because the progress in the industry has led to the normalization of sustainability and fair labor.  We are building a community of brands, partners, and consumers within MenoMieux that will be part of the positive impact driving the industry forward towards a more sustainable and ethical future.