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Cosmetic Bag - Black Classic Croco



Keep all beauty essentials close to hand with this classic luxury leather cosmetic bag. Able to fit all your travel-sized toiletries, including make-up, jewelry or any other small necessities. While this set is always ready to travel, it's just as useful – and beautiful – in your home bathroom, bedroom or office! It comes with a zipper closing and is also perfect for carrying essentials or keep valuables secure inside a everyday bag. Everything has its place inside our beautiful leather case bag! This Cosmetic Bag's Black color is timeless and gives it a rich look and feel. The Croco pint is heat pressed into the leather, creating a pattern that is unique to each individual bag, adding even more unique details. Give your bathroom, bedroom or office a sophisticated touch with this Cosmetic Bag!


Weight: 300 g

Dimensions: L 18cm W 5.5cm H 15cm


The Cosmetic Bag is produced in our STC factory. They are responsible for producing a big part of our Classic Collection.


The Cosmetic Bag comes in our edgy (yet sophisticated) Classic Croco Leather. This leather is characterized by its shining surface which has been embossed Croco pattern which is unique to each individual bag. Our premium quality sustainable leather is tanned without the use of harmful chemicals and has no synthetic top finish. The leather will develop over time and will look even better the more you use it! We help our customers to take good care of their purchase. With a little love and care, your bag will last for years! We encourage you to repair whenever possible and celebrate it's age.