1 People

Portonovi TGD Walking Sandals - Oyster Black



- Sleek design
- Slip-on
- Comfort fit
- Straps made with VEGEA
- Upcycled insole
- Lining from Eco Suede
- Branded with the 1 People recycled brass logo


- Outsole from TPR, thermoplastic rubber that can be recycled
- Insole from natural rubber, cork, jute that are collected from post-industrial waste
- Straps from VEGEA, the innovative biomaterial made of grape marc from wine-making waste
- Lining from Eco Suede, recycled polyester suede
- 1 People signature logo made from recycled brass

Care Instruction

Keep the sandals in dry areas and avoid long contact with direct sunlight.

Size Guide

Size Chart for 1 People's Shoes

Colour & Image Disclaimer

Although we try our best to maintain the integrity of the product's true dye and colour as seen on our images, please note that the lighting may cause a minor difference with the actual colour.