Nae Vegan Shoes

Seren Grey Biker Mid-Calf Vegan Boot


Seren Grey, the mid-calf biker style boots with adjustable straps and chunky lugged sole made from vegan nubuck: a sustainable, innovative, water resistant, light and cruelty free material.

  • These biker style boots have a nubuck like uppercut that makes for a soft contrast against the cheeky and sturdy design of the chunky slip-resistant sole. They have two adjustable straps with buckles to embellish and for a better adjustment to the leg, along with the front shoelaces.
  • They are hypoallergenic, breathable, antimicrobial and made of toxin free materials. They are also antibacterial (which helps prevent bad odor); and have a moisture wicking padded footbed made of EVA foam to avoid blisters.
  • All in all, these boots are attractive and modern, comfortable for you to wear them both indoors and outdoors.
  • Water resistant, breathable, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic. Made with health safe materials
  • Vegan nubuck uppercut made of sustainable microfibers
  • Lining made of 90% microfibers and 10% PU
  • Shoelaces made of recycled polyester and nickel free metal buckles
  • Insole: moisture wicking padded EVA foam 
  • Sole: Sturdy and slip-resistant TR rubber
  • Heel and platform: 4,5 cm and 1,5 cm respectively
  • Carefully made in Portugal with sustainable materials and manufacturing process, in a fair work environment.
  1. Clean your item using a soaked cloth and soapy water. For difficult stains, rub a soft cleaning brush soaked with soapy water in a circular motion.
  2. Remove the soap with a damp cloth. 
  3. Let your shoes air dry away from direct sunlight before wearing.

Please note: Polish cream is not recommended. Do not put the product in the washing machine and do not submerge the product in water as this could cause irreversible damage.

At the end of the product's lifespan (beyond repair), or when you no longer need the product, you can give it another destiny. You could consider using the product to fulfill a different purpose or even donate it.

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