Who We Are

MenoMieux is an online platform, but it’s run by real people who live in real neighborhoods right here in the USA. When we walk out of our front doors every day, we encounter communities that are hungry for better environmental and humanitarian consumer options. We know you’re out there, so we’ve created a place where you can find clothes you feel good in and feel good about.

We believe in fewer and better.

MenoMieux is built on the concept that we can change the fashion industry with better quality clothing that reduces waste and reduces our desire to fill our wardrobes with backups, doubles, and alternatives. That’s where our name comes from. “Meno” means “fewer” and “Mieux” means “better”. We’re all about luxury green fashion that helps us achieve our goal of fewer and better pieces.


Our Mission.

To effect substantial change on a global scale by growing our community of socially responsible consumers and brands.

Our Vision.

To usher in a new industry norm by holding brands accountable and making better options accessible to those who are ready to choose better.


Our Values. 

Where most businesses are motivated by economic opportunity, MenoMieux is motivated by our values and the change we see taking shape in our communities. We aim to inspire and educate consumers by highlighting ethical and sustainable practices in fashion.


MenoMieux is meant to be a place where you can connect with brands you can trust, so we carefully screen brands for corporate responsibility before supporting them. First, we make sure they’re transparent about their supply chain and processes. Then we verify that the brand and its suppliers, manufacturers, and partners use sustainable materials, follow eco-conscious manufacturing processes, and abide by ethical supply chain practices.


One of the standards our brands must adhere to is quality. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or environmentally friendly the piece is if it’s not going to last. That’s because long-lasting pieces enable our customers to craft high-performance, minimalist wardrobes that are better for the planet and better for the bank account. Valuing materials and construction techniques allows consumers to purchase fewer pieces that will last longer.


One of the best ways to reduce waste is to make consumer products last longer. When your clothes don’t fit anymore or they’re no longer your style, you probably enjoy a nice game of Am I Going to Donate This or Leave it in an Inconvenient Place Until It Gets Thrown Away? Our solution is participation in circular fashion services and upcycle programs that extend the life of good clothes by passing those pieces to consumers who want them. 


A Note From The Founder.

I took a step back so I could take a stand.

A few years ago, I left my career in the fashion industry to pursue an MBA. I began to embrace a new perspective as a consumer, one that illuminated the vastly unsustainable and unethical practices I once witnessed.

As a black woman, I could not ignore the BIPOC and marginalized communities that were being treated unfairly by the fashion industry any longer. I felt the weight of the impact my community had on me, and how much I longed to give back. Suddenly, I could materialize my purpose.

It became my mission to cultivate a more intentional, transparent, and just culture in the fashion industry. I envisioned a sustainable shopping experience that treated consumers equally and simultaneously preserved the world in which we live. 

And so I created MenoMieux, a digital community of like-minded individuals and vetted brands that meets our ambitious standards, erupted from a collective desire to do better.

Together, we can make a difference. Join me in taking a step forward.


Brittany Walker

Founder + CEO


Meet the Brands We Love