Who We Are

MenoMieux is a marketplace shaped by a community of brands we trust.  Our mission is to create an online shopping destination that empowers women to build wardrobes of fewer pieces constructed of better quality.

All brands in the MenoMieux community use sustainable materials in their designs, use eco-conscious manufacturing processes, and follow ethical supply chain practices.





All brands in the MenoMieux community use sustainable materials in their
designs, follow eco-conscious manufacturing processes, and abide by
ethical supply chain practices.

Extending Wear


Valuing the materials used in the design process allows consumers to follow the practice of purchasing fewer pieces that can be worn for a  prolonged period of time.



We promote circular fashion services and upcycle programs to extend
the lifecycle of clothing by passing on the pieces we no longer wear to
another consumer. 


A Note From The Founder.

Never did I imagine I would be starting a business this year.  As each month of 2020 passed, I moved between the anxiousness of the unknowns and the desire to be more intentional with my time, actions, and behaviors that impact the overlapping crises that we are facing in the world.

MenoMieux grew from my personal desire to be more intentional and aware of the impact of my fashion choices.  I want to feel good about the fashion I am choosing to invest in by knowing that my consumption isn’t damaging the environment or negatively impacting people.

As a platform, MenoMieux encourages women to invest in a sustainable wardrobe by making the shopping experience seamless and enjoyable.  We have a collection of trustworthy brands that are driving positive change in the industry and designing beautiful, well-crafted products in the process.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.