Who We Are

“Meno” means “fewer” and
“Mieux” means “better”

MenoMieux is a community of like-minded brands and consumers who want better environmental and humanitarian consumer options with fewer harmful impacts. Our platform provides a place for women to discover sustainable fashion you feel good in and feel good about.

At MenoMieux, we respect a definition of fashion sustainability written by Kate Fletcher, design activist, scholar, and author of Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys.

“Fashion that fosters ecological integrity and social quality through products, practices of use, and relationships; a more authentic, flexible, and interconnected view of fashion, people, and the world; fashion that helps us engage, connect, and better understand ourselves, each other, and our world; and fashion that engages with a process of flourishing of human and non-human species.”


MenoMieux is a platform where you can connect with trusted brands
  • We carefully screen each brand partner for share values and responsible practices.
  • We make sure they’re transparent about their supply chain and processes.
  • We verify that the brand and their suppliers, manufacturers, and partners use sustainable materials, follow eco-conscious manufacturing processes, and abide by fair labor practices.


Quality products made to last.

Well-constucted, sustainable pieces enable our customers to build high-performance, minimalist wardrobes comprised of fewer pieces. These items will live in your closet for multiple seasons, if not a lifetime.


Stylish clothes with a longer life.

One of the best ways to reduce waste is to lengthen the product lifecycle. We support circular fashion services and practices - including recycling, repairing, reselling, and upcycling - that allow items to have a second life.

A note from the founder.

I took a step back so I could take a stand.

A few years ago, I left my career in the fashion industry to pursue an MBA. I began to embrace a new perspective as a consumer, one that illuminated the vastly unsustainable and unethical practices I once witnessed.

As a black woman, I could not ignore the BIPOC and marginalized communities that were being treated unfairly by the fashion industry any longer. I felt the weight of the impact my community had on me, and how much I longed to give back. Suddenly, I could materialize my purpose.

It became my mission to cultivate a more intentional, transparent, and just culture in the fashion industry. I envisioned a sustainable shopping experience that consumers could trust and simultaneously preserved the world in which we live.

And so I created MenoMieux, a digital community of like-minded individuals and vetted brands that meet our ambitious standards, erupted from a collective desire to do better.

Together, we can make a difference. Join me in taking a step forward.


Brittany Walker
Founder + CEO