Nae Vegan Shoes

Leyre Black Vegan Mid Calf Boots


Leyre Black Micro, the women's mid-calf lace-up boot with a warm lining and white chunky soles, made with vegan leather; a sustainable, innovative, cruelty-free, water-resistant, and durable material.

    • With an athletic makeup, these boots have a secure fastening system provided by three lacing hooks on the top, and bootstraps to help to pull them on. They also have a zip on the inner side panel for ease of use and to provide detailing. To make a bold statement, they have checked patterned laces and a monochromatic color contrast between the upper and the outer sole.
    • The upper, lining and the insole are hypoallergenic and free from dangerous environmental toxins. On top of this, the shoes feature a warm and padded fur-like lining inside (made with organic cotton, GOTS certified) to provide thermal comfort. The boots are also breathable, able to avoid foot sweat and suffocation, and are antibacterial and antimicrobial, to help to prevent the development of odors. They have a moisture-wicking footbed padded with EVA to provide arch support, and along with the lining attributes, can be considered a flexible model which will prevent blisters. These boots will be sure to keep your feet comfortable and insulated from the cold, rainy days.
    • Thus, with their flat round toe shape and padding all the way from the lightweight outsole to the tongue, they are well suited for snug all-day wear, both indoors and out. These smart boots will match easily with everyday urban clothes, whilst bringing you the perfect all-in-one combination of fashionable style and comfort.

Available in black.

Lightly wipe down dust and dirt with a dry cloth of your vegan boots. Clean using a soaked cloth with soapy water. Never fully submerge the product as this may cause irreversible damage. Leave it to dry naturally for 24 hours. The application of polishing cream is recommended. Let them dry before any application. Apply a small amount using a dry, soft cloth and rub sparingly over the textile in a circular motion. Leave to dry naturally for 24 hours after the application.

At the end of the product's lifespan, or whenever you do not need it anymore, you should give another destiny to your vegan boots. Also consider a recovery or a new use for yourself or ever for a donation.